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Odisha - it has been famous for its Art, Architecture, & Sculpture as like for Patta Chitra,Tassur Painting,Taar Kashi, Coir Craft, Stone Curving(Konark Temple),Wood Curving(Biranchi Narayan Temple),Mural Painting etc.

Although the Artisian of Odisha are having an execellent talent & skill in Art yet they are not getting the exact return for their work & their Paintings are also not immensly purchased in the Odisha market.

Very often, some of the Artisians-they are migrating to other States & Countries as because they are not getting the proper scope & optimum return of their Art in Odisha, for making their profession be continue they are switch to other places as well. Likewise some other Artisians , they are choosing other substitudes in place of Art & anggaged in other work as well, it has been seen that, if continuosly it would be happen then one day will come when we could not find any more Artist in our State and the skill of Art may remainig confined within them, in this case it is quite difficult for them to survive in this competative world. It could also be possible that in our next generation we would not find any more Art Professionals.

Therefor by keeping the heart on actual value of Art -Art Odisha, it has been started the plateform where by its core motive is to bring all Artisians of Odisha together so as to provide them all benefits & due facilities what they exactly want.Art Odisha- it is the Door of Oppertunities & is open for all Artist, wherein one can easily show his or her talent and skill of Art and will make a better living & make Odisha Proud of their Achievements.

It is the Plateform of Success wherein,one can enter into without any expenditure and earn back the name & fame as well.

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